2018 JBE Final Thoughts

By The Numbers This year's JBE was a huge success! With improved sponsorship opportunities and increased exhibitor enthusiasm, JBE 2018 set the bar to a new level for Alabama. The show saw 278 head exhibited by 154 youth from 37 counties competing for over $83,000 dollars in premiums and awards. More specifically, there were 204 heifers shown in 87 classes and 16 divisions while there were 74 market cattle shown in 31 classes and 11 divisions. Showmanship remained very competitive with 145 exhibitors (94%) in 24 classes vying for three division champion and reserve titles. The Junior division had 60 showman in 10 classes, Intermediate had 43 at the halter in 7 classes and the Senior section

Official Results

Congratulations to all those who participated in the 2018 Jr Beef Expo! We would also like to thank our sponsors for helping to make this year's event the best yet. Photos on Flickr Market Showmanship Heifers Official Results 2018JBEOfficialMarketReuslts.pdf 2018JBEOfficialShowmanshipReuslts.pdf 2018JBEOfficialHeiferReuslts.pdf

Updated Classbreaks For Friday & Saturday

Class breaks have been updated and are posted outside the Teague Arena office. They are also available by downloading the PDF document linked below. Showmanship starts at 8 am tomorrow. 30 minutes after showmanship will be county groups. 30 minutes after country groups will be the American and Sponsored divisions of the heifer show. 20180315JBEOFFICIALShowmanshipClassBreaks.pdf 20180315JBEOfficialFridayHeiferClassBreaks.pdf 20180315JBEOfficialSaturdayHeiferClassBreaks.pdf

Official Class Breaks!

Official Class Breaks have been posted on the wall outside the Teague Arena office. They can also be downloaded by clicking the links to these PDF documents below. Any scratches, changes or corrections need to be reported in person to the Teague Arena Office. Market Show begins at 8:00 am tomorrow morning. The official schedule can be found on the Schedule page or in the JBE Program available in the Teague Arena. 2018 JBE Official Market Classes (3/14/18) 2018 JBE Official Showmanship Classes (3/14/18) 2018 JBE Official Heifer Classes (3/14/18)

JBE Live Streaming

The 2018 Jr Beef Expo begins tomorrow! If you are not able to attend or know someone who cannot be in Montgomery over the next three days, be sure to check out the live stream at the Twizted Fitterz website starting tomorrow. www.TwiztedFitterz.com UPDATE: The entire show has been archived and is available at https://www.twiztedfitterz.com/live-stream-archive

JBE Buckles!

At this year's Jr Beef Expo, a new style of belt buckle will be awarded to the Overall Champion and Reserve Champion Heifer and Market exhibitors. Check out this bling!

JBE Program Is Here!

Check out the 2018 JBE program! Download a copy to your mobile device. Show me the program!

Text Alerts for JBE!

The JBE is just a few days away! We are gearing up for the best show yet and we want to keep you in the loop. To help get the information to you as timely as possible, we will be using a text messaging service called REMIND. As an exhibitor, or parent of an exhibitor, you can stay in touch with what's going on surrounding the show with occasional text messages. Later today, you will receive a test message from the REMIND system. The great part is, because you have registered for the 2018 JBE, you are already enrolled in the system. If you don't want to receive these few messages, simply reply STOP and you will not receive messages. Some of the information we will be sending out includes: Cal

Stall Assignments

We hope you are getting as excited as we are about the 2018 JBE show. Be sure to check out the stall assignment for your county. Download the PDF here. As a reminder, the rules state,"Cattle will be stalled in the exhibition barns by county and must be in place no later than 9:00 AM each day." Also, "All stalls, exhibition spaces and main alleyways must be cleaned before 9:00 AM each day, and refuse matter must be disposed of as the show superintendent directs. Feed, chairs, equipment boxes, etc. are not permitted in the main alleys or in barn aisles." Total Stalls were calculated by adding the number of exhibitor families (not individuals) plus the number of head from each county. Tie Outs

JBE Schedule and Class Breaks

The 2018 Jr. Beef Expo (JBE) is nearly here, and we hope you and your calves are getting ready. There are some important changes to the schedule and the show this year. Please take extra care to review the items in this list so we can all have the best Jr. Beef Expo possible. The rules can be accessed on the site under the Rules tab. It all starts Wednesday. Cattle can begin arriving at 8 am and ALL cattle must check-in between noon and 5 pm. There will be no check-in on Thursday. Ultrasound Top 10 contestant results will be announced before the Market Beef Final Drive. No Rookie Showmanship this year. County Groups will be on Friday after the conclusion of Showmanship and before the America

Meet the judges

JBE 2018 promises to be a great event. And, along with outstanding prizes, we have two out standing judges. Market & Showmanship Judge Owen Macfarlane grew up on a large purebred seedstock operation, where his passion for the livestock industry developed. Throughout his youth, he raised and marketed steers and heifers to junior exhibitors while campaigning his own breeding stock at the local state and national levels. After high school, Owen began his collegiate livestock judging career at Redlands College in EL Reno, Oklahoma, where after a tremendous amount of hard work and success, Including High team honors in both Kansas City and Louisville, his team was named the 2013 National Team of

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