Before You Validate, W-9 And Don't Be Late!

This is an important reminder to all those exhibiting in the 2019 Jr Beef Expo, please fill out a W-9 form (included in this post) and bring the completed form to validation. We must have this form filled out correctly to issue you a check from the Jr Beef Expo. Read instructions attached to W9 to correctly fill out form. 1. Youth's full name as on Social Security number. 2. Business name if needed (normally not applicable). 3. Exemptions (normally not applicable). 4. Home address of youth where check is going. 5. City, state, and ZIP code 6. List account numbers (normally not needed). Under Part I Taxpayer Identification Number. 1. Write in youth's Social Security number. Under Part II 1. S

2019 Rules Released!

The 2019 Official Rulebook has arrived! Be sure to check out the sections marked "new." Also, don't forget the validation dates coming up. Best of luck, exhibitors!

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