What's new with JBE 2018?

There are several rules changes this year but here are the most important things for 2018.

  1. www.JrBeefExpo.com – This is the single source for all things JBE 2018!

  2. $$$More Money$$$ – Heifer premiums are now equal to the market animals. Thank our sponsors!!!

  3. Validation of ALL animals – Validating the market animals worked so well last year that we are going to validate the breeding heifers this year too! Registration papers need to be in the exhibitor’s name at the time of validation. DNA will be taken on every entry.

  4. Late Entry Deadline – December 1. It costs and extra $100 per entry and late entries must still be properly validated at a designated validation site. However, now there is at least a way to enter for those who miss the deadline.

  5. Show Check In – Wednesday ONLY. All cattle MUST be in on March 15th, 2018 by 5:00 PM.

  6. Mandatory Tie Outs – All cattle will be required to tie out every night. This will keep the barns neat and tidy!

Read the updated rules and look for highlighted changes.

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