2018 JBE Final Thoughts

By The Numbers

This year's JBE was a huge success! With improved sponsorship opportunities and increased exhibitor enthusiasm, JBE 2018 set the bar to a new level for Alabama. The show saw 278 head exhibited by 154 youth from 37 counties competing for over $83,000 dollars in premiums and awards. More specifically, there were 204 heifers shown in 87 classes and 16 divisions while there were 74 market cattle shown in 31 classes and 11 divisions.

Showmanship remained very competitive with 145 exhibitors (94%) in 24 classes vying for three division champion and reserve titles. The Junior division had 60 showman in 10 classes, Intermediate had 43 at the halter in 7 classes and the Senior section had 42 leading out in 7 classes.

In total, we had more cattle exhibited by more youth in each of the market, heifer and showmanship shows this year compared to 2017.


Results, Pictures and Video

Be sure to check out the official results here.

Pictures are available for download from the following albums on Flickr:

- Market Photos

- Showmanship Photos

- Heifers Photos

Also, each day's shows were streamed live by Twizted Fitterz and the video archives are available on their website.



The JBE would not have been possible without the generous support of our many sponsors. Alabama Wheat and Feed Grains Checkoff, a division of the Alabama Farmers Federation, contributed the most to this year's show by sponsoring the new JBE website and supplying T-shirts plus funds to help with the overhead of the show. So next time you see a grain farmer, be sure to thank them for the feed they grow and their support of the show.

Additionally, there were 131 other sponsors who gave more than $130,000 to fund this year's event. Each of these donors can be found in this year's program. We encourage you to flip through the printed copy you picked up at the show or the digital version so you can thank these individuals or patronize their businesses through the rest of the year.



With the new management and additional features of the JBE this year there are numerous areas for improvement that have already been identified. However, your feedback is welcomed and something that could be very beneficial for 2019. If you have ideas, concerns or comments that you want to share, please email them to info@jrbeefexpo.com.


JBE 2019

Plans are already underway for next year's JBE so stay tuned to the website for future announcements.

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