JBE Class Breaks Announced

The JBE staff has validated, compiled and organized all those who are planning on exhibiting at the 2019 Jr Beef Expo.

Click to view the following:

- Market Show Class Breaks

- Heifer Show Class Breaks

- Showmanship Class Breaks

If you did not present an animal's registration papers at validation, your animal(s) will be placed in the following divisions: - Heifers will be placed into Breeding Commercial or Market Heifer divisions. - Steers will be placed into Market Crossbred divisions. All Market Show cattle and Breeding Commercial Heifer classes will be broken by weight on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at check-in. If you have Market-Performance Documented or Breeding-Performance Documented class cattle, please provide the completed validated performance documentation from the Alabama BCIA Commercial Record Keeping Program at check-in. If you have a question about an entry or entrees, CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE FORM.


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