JBE Is One Month Away!

Are you getting as excited as we are? It's right around the corner and here is some useful information to get you ready.

Ultrasound Challenge

Free to enter! Exhibitors should plan to compete in the Ultrasound Challenge held on Wednesday, March 18 from 3-5 p.m. This challenge is great way to familiarize exhibitors and their families with ultrasound technology, receive carcass data on their projects, and award top ranking animals. Note – no hair will be clipped, but oil will be used for ultrasounding purposes

Pee Wee Showmanship

Held immediately after the Junior Showmanship Division selection, a Pee Wee showmanship division will be held for all aspiring young showman who are younger than the minimum age required to enter the JBE. Young exhibitors can exhibit any animal they wish and are encouraged to bring an experienced showman (parent, sibling, role model, etc.) into the ring with them. Entry is free and sign-up will be available during Check-In.

First Annual JBE Cornhole Tournament

Join us on Friday, March 20 after the Junior Market Show for the 1stAnnual JBE Cornhole Tournament in the Teague Arena. Practice up at home, find a partner, and come prepared for a good time!

Move-In and Tie-Outs

The barns will open at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 17 for cattle to begin arriving. Please do not plan on arriving any earlier that the scheduled time. All cattle will receive stall space with their county groups in the Livestock Barns. However, Tie-Outs will be available on a first come-first serve arrival in the following Horse Stall Barns only:

  • 500

  • 700

  • 900

  • 1100

  • 1400

  • 1600

  • 1800

Please be mindful of your fellow exhibitors when claiming tie-out stalls.

Completed Entries

Check out this PDF document to confirm all completed entries under your name.

If you notice you (or your animals) are not on the list, we are likely missing information from you in order to complete your entries. Also, please note that the “JBE Breed” and the “Breed Registered” may differ. This is likely because there are not enough numbers entered in a certain breed for it to qualify for its own division. See below for more information. If you have any questions, please email JBE Intern Madden Ragan.

Breed Breakdown as of 2/17/2020

A breakdown of breeds and their corresponding entry number can be found below. Remember, any breed that does not meet the 5 head minimum at the end of Check-In will show in the ABC or AOB divisions. Any breed or breed derivative can be guaranteed its own division regardless of arrival numbers with a $600 sponsorship from any interested party. Breeds that have already been sponsored are designated below.

Junior Breeding Heifers:

Angus (40)

Charolais (21)

Chianina (5)

Commercial (43)

Hereford (13)

*Percentage Simmental (19) – Sponsored

Shorthorn (19)

*Shorthorn Plus (12) - Sponsored

*Simmental (4) - Sponsored

Texas Longhorn (5)

ABC (4)

AOB (25) (Contains Black Hereford, British White, Gelbvieh, Maine-Anjou, MaineTainer, Percentage Chianina, Red Angus, Southern Balancer)

Junior Market Show:

*Angus (1) – Sponsored

Charolais (8)

Chianina (6)

Crossbred (40)

Market Heifer (14)

Shorthorn (6)

*Shorthorn Plus (5)

AOB (15) (Contains Black Hereford, Hereford, MaineTainer, Maine-Anjou, Percentage Chianina Percentage Simmental)

*Note - All breeds are subject to change based on sponsorship and/or arrival numbers


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