A JBE Message of Hope

In the past week, we have taken several announcements into consideration while attempting to reschedule the Junior Beef Expo. Those include:

  • Alabama public schools being closed for the remaining of the school year

  • Governor Ivey closing “non-essential” business until April 17

  • President Trump extending federal social distancing guidelines until April 30

Our goal from the beginning has been to reward the hard work of our exhibitors. While delaying the Junior Beef Expo is becoming increasingly difficult for exhibitors, parents and organizers, we are not willing to give up on our mission to honor some of Alabama’s best and brightest students.

We will continue to look for an opportunity to hold the Junior Beef Expo in a manner that safeguards the health of all involved and complies with restrictions on gatherings. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for our state and nation. We know many of our exhibitors are facing tough decisions, especially for market animals and bred heifers. Thank you for your patience as we strive to preserve the recognition our exhibitors deserve.


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