JBE Update for May

The Alabama Farmers Federation and our sponsors take a tremendous amount of pride in the Alabama Junior Beef Expo. This annual event gives us the opportunity to reward exhibitors for the hard work they put into their projects. We truly believe showing livestock brings families closer together and develops character traits that will make young people successful.

Because of this, we were extremely disappointed when the circumstances made it necessary to postpone the 2020 JBE. Since then, we’ve been monitoring the situation in hopes of finding any opportunity to schedule a make-up show date within a reasonable timeframe that would be safe. From the beginning, we understood this was a time-sensitive situation. Exhibitors could not be expected to hold their cattle indefinitely. Still, we did not want to outright cancel the show if there was a chance to reschedule.

We are currently exploring options to host a “jackpot” show sometime later this year. This jackpot show will be for cattle destined for the 2021 Junior Beef Expo. More details and information will be shared as they become available.

We look forward to hosting exhibitors and their families when we are once again allowed to gather around the show ring. We have not given up on a way to reward exhibitors who were registered for the spring show that will not have a project later in the year, or who will be unable to participate in the jackpot show.

In closing, while we are disappointed for this unfortunate disruption, we must not forget those who have been severely impacted by this virus. We are thankful for the brave individuals who have continued to serve our country during this time, including our farmers. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times.


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