Less than a week away!

We are less than a week away from JBE 2021! Check out the information below and get ready to be apart of this awesome event!

Final Reminders

Stall Assignments – Please see these Livestock Barn Stalling assignments below. These are divided by county. Tie-Out Stall information has already been sent to those exhibitors who purchased them during online entry. There are no additional Tie-Out Stalls for sale.

Trailer Parking – The SLE has asked that all Junior Beef Expo trailers park in the designated trailing parking area. Please see the image below for reference.

Move-In In order to prepare the facilities for arrivals and stay clear of other events going on at the fairgrounds, please do not arrive prior to (livestock barns or tie-outs) noon on Tuesday, March 16. Cattle must be in place and Checked-In by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17.

Paperwork – Exhibitors showing a registered animal in the Junior Breeding or Junior Market Show must be prepared to show Original Registration Papers at Check-In. Exhibitors showing in the Performance Documented Show must have the necessary performance records ready to turn in.

Showmanship Show Shirt – JBE exhibitors will be provided a show shirt during Check-In. Exhibitors will be required to wear the shirt during Showmanship only.

Ear Tags – All ear tags, except Official EID Tag, must be removed.

Don’t Forget

Ultrasound Challenge – Free to enter! Exhibitors should plan to compete in the Ultrasound Challenge held on Wednesday, March 17 from 3-5 p.m. This challenge is great way to familiarize exhibitors and their families with ultrasound technology, receive carcass data on their projects, and award top ranking animals. Note – no hair will be clipped, but oil will be used for ultrasounding purposes

Pee Wee Showmanship – Held immediately after the Junior Showmanship Division selection, a Pee Wee showmanship division will be held for all aspiring young showman who are younger than the minimum age required to enter the JBE. Young exhibitors can exhibit any animal they wish and are encouraged to bring an experienced showman (parent, sibling, role model, etc.) into the ring with them. Entry is free and sign-up will be available during Check-In.

1st Annual JBE Cornhole Tournament – Join us on Friday, March 19 after the Junior Market Show for the 1st Annual JBE Cornhole Tournament in the Teague Arena. Practice up at home, find a partner, and come prepared for a good time!

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